1) The safe choice

Bribery is almost unheard of in Denmark, and it is precisely the low incidence of corruption that makes Denmark an attractive place to operate a business.

2) Lucrative market access

Denmark offers easy access to the rest of Europe and thus access to 100 million of the world’s most affluent consumers.

3) The most flexible labour market

The Danish flexicurity model provides great flexibility in the employment and dismissal of employees. The Danish workforce is also one of the most productive in Europe.

4) Highly qualified and motivated talent pool

96% of Danish youth complete a secondary education programme, while 47% complete a higher education programme. With regard to English, we are in the top three in the world, with four out of five people speaking English. Many Danes also speak German.

5) World leaders in clean tech and life science

43% of Denmark’s electricity is derived from wind power (2017). Just under 7 per cent of Denmark's total exports of goods are wind-related products. That means Denmark has the largest share of total exports coming from wind-related products in EU-15, and houses the world's most global wind power manufacturers.

Denmark was also the first country to explore second-generation biofuels on a commercial basis.

When it comes to developing biotechnology, Denmark is number two in the world and number one in Europe in number of clinical trials per capita, owing to a strong life science industry employing more than 40,000 people.

6) World’s best test market

Not only considered the world’s best test market, Denmark offers world-class IT infrastructure with excellent ICT penetration rates for mobile, broadband, and PCs.

7) High quality of life

According to international surveys, Denmark is one of the world’s happiest nations. With a residence and work permit in Denmark, you have full access to  Danish welfare services, including free healthcare and education.