Close cooperation in this area is crucial to ensuring mobility across the region – not to mention high quality of life and good business opportunities as we look to the future.

Our common vision and planning principles must guarantee a holistic approach to physical planning across municipal boundaries, supporting the development of a strong, coherent city region.

Our vision is for the general physical planning to pave the way for the city region to become one of Northern Europe’s most dynamic city regions by 2040, with an effective infrastructure, sustainable realisation of the city region’s potential, and sustained growth in terms of population and jobs.

Our planning strategy objectives for the city region:

  1. To create a strong and coherent city region with attractive opportunities for business location, education, and housing.
  2. To ensure that the city region is effective and sustainable across municipal boundaries, and to achieve an optimum balance between urban development and mobility.
  3. To create a robust city region capable of addressing the challenges of the future, and to exploit green plan solutions to generate development and growth in the area.

Planning principles for joint strategic planning

Coherent planning
National, regional and local investments in infrastructure and the municipalities’ individual and overall planning must support each other across municipal boundaries so that the city region’s physical planning can drive the area’s rapid growth in relation to jobs and housing.

Attractive location opportunities
Holistic planning across municipal boundaries must at all times ensure attractive location opportunities for the business community, as well as excellent education and housing opportunities.

Digital development in all parts of the city region has a key role to play in achieving these objectives.

Strong infrastructure hubs
A good framework must be created for more people to be able to live, work or study near stations or traffic hubs with a view to improving mobility.

Collaboration between the business sector and educational institutions
Through strategic planning for specific business clusters, we must create good conditions for increased cooperation between businesses and educational institutions.

Green and sustainable plan solutions
To address climate and environmental challenges. A green profile not only highlights the city region as an attractive place to live, but also provides a sustainable physical framework for continued growth.

Development of the strengths of the individual urban communities
Planning must support and develop the strengths of the individual urban communities.