This applies, in particular, in the fields of food analysis and consultancy, process equipment, the processing of dairy products and ingredients, and the processing of meat and ingredients.

The food industry in Business Region Aarhus is thus an international powerhouse.

Forward-looking focus

Business Region Aarhus supports the recruitment of qualified manpower to ensure continued growth and development of business and industry in the region. The sector is particularly interested in attracting skilled labour with a short and medium-length higher education – for example, industrial technicians, operators, and engineers. Such a workforce is crucial to ensuring an adequate supply of highly skilled labour. The food industry’s ability to provide attractive career paths at all levels must be made more visible so that more young people choose to work within the food sector.

International branding

The East Jutland food cluster enjoys a unique position in Denmark, which must be promoted internationally. The Danish food story is an excellent platform for branding and marketing the businesses, as a way of securing continued investments and the necessary recruitment for the food sector in Business Region Aarhus.

Alliances and cooperation

Innovation and the ability of businesses, knowledge institutions and the local authorities to work together must ensure that the international companies in Business Region Aarhus continue to invest in the area. At the same time, it must provide a strong basis for small and medium-sized food companies to create growth and jobs.