Open Data

When it comes to future traffic and mobility, one of the solutions is smart and data-based solutions.

In Business Region Aarhus, we are working to facilitate data sharing and access to data in order to – among other things – establish a digital mobility system across the municipalities.

All Business Region Aarhus municipalities are members of Open Data DK, and are linked to a national platform. The common data portal represents a general improvement of the framework conditions for smart, data-based solutions. With published data, real-time traffic information will become available with the help of BlipTrack sensors that collect traffic data in real time so that citizens can gain an overview of the various mobility opportunities.

Internet week Denmark

Internet week Denmark is a festival taking place in Business Region Aarhus. The festival celebrates the success and the impact of the internet on innovation, business, and our everyday lives.

The backbone of Internet Week Denmark is a week-long festival based on crowd-sourced events which promote citizen involvement and co-production. This means that companies, educational institutions, networks, and individuals contribute by hosting events during the festival. The festival brings attention to the impact of the internet economy on business and growth potentials as well as to the attraction and retention of talent and entrepreneurship.

Internet Week Denmark is a public festival, open to all, just like the internet is an open platform for all. In 2018, approx. 7,000 guests attended more than 100 different events at the festival.