In Business Region Aarhus we co-operate to make East Jutland an attractive career destination for international workers.

It is much easier for companies in East Jutland to hold on to international specialist workers when their accompanying partners also gain a connection to the East Jutland labour market. Accompanying partners to international specialist workers are often well educated with an international outlook, that can potentially bring new knowledge and value to a company.

Business Region Aarhus consists of 12 East Jutland municipalities. The job centers in the 12 municipalities are working together to help international spouses and partners with their transition into the job market. Together we are many consultants working across the municipal borders of East Jutland. The job market becomes 12 times bigger when we work together. Thereby, accompanying partners are matched with job opportunities in companies located in the whole of East Jutland and not just in their municipality of residence.

Boreum Jung from South Korea lives in Skanderborg municipality and is permanently employed by the company VOLA, based in Horsens municipality. Boreum Jung moved to East Jutland as an accompanying partner to an international specialist worker. With help from her local job consultant and the program from Business Region Aarhus designed to attract and retain international specialist workers, she found a job across the municipal border.

The aims for Business Region Aarhus are:

  • To retain international specialists workers by connecting their accompanying partners to the East Jutland labour market.
  • To ensure that companies are aware of the skills that accompanying partners possess and help them on their way into the East Jutland labour market. For example, this could be assistance in setting up a coffee meeting, an internship, or a job opportunity.

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