The Business Region Aarhus initiative, HEADSTART, both supports existing and launches new attraction, reception, and retention activities, to help international candidates find their way to East Jutland. HEADSTART's purpose is to support local companies’ need for qualified talent and thus ensure growth and development across industries in East Jutland.  

East Jutland as a career destination

HEADSTART brands East Jutland as an attractive career destination by increasing the visibility of local companies, business ecosystems, and potential career paths. In addition, HEADSTART strives to profile East Jutland as an attractive place to live, with many opportunities both on and off the workplace. To that end, HEADSTART enables international employees based in the region to act as ambassadors for East Jutland through a joint employee advocacy program.

Activities and initiatives

Aside from the ambassador network, HEADSTART drives multiple activities tailored to guide international candidates through all the steps of their journey towards a job in East Jutland. Further, HEADSTART’s activities support the many existing initiatives from local partners and create a cohesive journey for international candidates. 

Business Partners

Business Region Aarhus is the lead in HEADSTART with Business Region MidtVest and Copenhagen Capacity as partners. The program is budgeted at DKK 20 million, over a three-year project period.

HEADSTART’s activities were initiated in early 2020 in collaboration with the Business Region Aarhus municipalities, business councils, educational institutions, and others.

You can find the project description of HEADSTART below or read more on HEADSTART's website here. The project implemented with support from the European Union.