Internet Week Denmark (IWDK) started in 2013 as a celebration of the internet. With a six days festival and more than 100 events involving more than 10.000 participants the festival showcases the many opportunities the internet opens up for citizens and businesses. Through talks, presentations and seminars the festival highlights the challenges and opportunities digital technologies present to our society.  The festival explores how technology affects our lives and the way we do business.

IWDK 2021 

In Denmark, trust is a strong basis for social interactions as well as for business and government. Therefore, the theme of this year’s IWDK was Trust and Tech // Today and Tomorrow.  Trust is a substantial part of the Danish culture, so how do we implement it in tech? And how does tech and digital technology effect our ability to trust? This discussed digital experts, business leaders and policy makers such as European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager.  

This year’s festival took place from May 4 – 9, 2021 and was fully virtual through IWDK Virtual ExperienceThe Virtual Experience contained four different stages which provided a festival feeling. The virtual stages were Trust & Tech, Big Ideas, Community and Kids´ Tech and Gaming. 

Relieve the festival here and watch events you missed. 

IWDK partner  

Business Region is one out of four IWDK premium partners which contribute to the festival with funding and services. At IWDK 2021 four of our municipalities contributed with an event:  

  • Horsens municipality hosted an event about how great entrepreneurs think and how you can learn from their mindset.  
  • Norddjurs municipality hosted an event on how game tech can help us understand trust in digital design and visualization. 
  • Viborg Municipality hosted an event about being an UNESCO Creative City and how the designation can benefit all of Denmark.
  • City of Aarhus hosted the opening event and the Digital Summit.

You can read more about IWDK at their homepage or in the IWDK 2021 Magazine