Food Nation Visitor Centre opened in Agro Food Park in August 2020. Agro Food Park in Aarhus has a unique concentration of agricultural and food-related companies. The agricultural and food-related companies in East Jutland are international leading in several areas. Food Nation Visitor Centre are primarily aimed at introducing international delegations to Denmark as a food nation with its heart in East Jutland and present the Danish food cluster’s sustainable solutions for the global challenges.  

The Visitor Centre gives international delegations a professional introduction to the position of strength held by food-related companies and knowledge institutions in East Jutland. Furthermore, the Visitor Centre creates visibility on East Jutland as an international ecosystem for food innovation;  

“Food Nation Visitor Centre is strengthening the profile of food-related companies in Denmark to potential and existing partners all around the world. We are thrilled that organizations and business have new opportunities to corporate, at both regional and international levels” Kasper Glyngø, Chairperson of Business Region Aarhus and Mayor in the Municipality of Hedensted.  

Food Nation Visitor Centre is an interactive experience carried out by a combination of guided storytelling and self-exploration.

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