Central Denmark Regions has over the last couple of years developed a strong international recognized food scene with a food culture characterized by local grown products and sustainability.  

Since 2017 Central Denmark Region has had the title European Region of Gastronomy. The title was given as a recognition of gastronomic innovation and products that are being rethought and local grown with a sustainable approach.  

The title is awarded by the International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism.  Business Region Aarhus gives cofunds further development of the region as a European Region of Gastronomy in a regional project from 2019-2021. The ambition with the project is to create growth and long-term benefits which celebrates the good life through food and gastronomy. The project will:  

  • Create new experiences for the local community through micro-funding calls
  • Establish and develop cooperation  
  • Support local-level commitment 

Within the project there is multiple events. For information about the project in Region Central Denmark and this year´s event program click here.

A platform which fosters cooperation

The title European Region of Gastronomy creates international awareness and facilitates cooperation in the region. Furthermore, as European Region of Gastronomy you become part of a platform which facilitates cooperation and project initiatives with other food innovativation regions in Europe.

Read more about the Region of Gastronomy award here.