By attracting international companies and talent, we strengthen Business Region Aarhus’ and Denmark’s competitiveness. We are committed to growth and development, our work to achieve this goal is anchored in partnerships between our members, businesses and public institutions. Business Region Aarhus speaks with one, powerful voice that provides us with a stronger platform in a competitive, global world. Business Region Aarhus has five strategic priorities, which are essential to the framework for further growth.  

1. Improve East Jutland´s competitive position 

Creating growth and visibility on existing positions of strength. Focus on:  

  • Strengthening cooperation and interaction within digital solutions between knowledge institutions and industry. 
  • To increase global recognition of the East Jutland food hub, which has one of Europe’s largest concentrations of food and agricultural expertise 
  • Support co-innovation and cooperation between specialized creative sectors. 
  • Promote cooperation between knowledge institutions and industry in creating sustainable solutions. 

 2. Knowledge-intensive companies  

Strengthening knowledge sharing in the partnership between knowledge institutions and industry. Focus on: 

  • Enhance innovation and entrepreneurship 

 3. Creating an optimal environment for doing business 

Our municipalities focus on providing the very best conditions for companies’ existence and growth. Focus on: 

  • Improving infrastructure  
  • Supporting local companies’ need for qualified talent by helping international candidates find their way to East Jutland.  

4. Brand East Jutland as a career destination with lots of liveability

An essential element in attracting foreign investment, tourists and workers is branding. We want to increase the visibility of local companies, business ecosystems and institutions. Therefore, we focus on  

  • Attracting highly qualified international candidates. 
  • Profile East Jutland as an attractive place to live, with many opportunities both on and off the workplace. 
  • Brand East Jutland as a travel destination internationally.  
  • Create awareness on East Jutland’s position of strength in food and gastronomy.  

5. Sustainable city network

Uncover pros and cons with East Jutland as a million-city with focus on:  

  • Coordinate regional urban and landscape planning in East Jutland.   
  • Create digital urban solution.  

The five strategic priorities chart a course for future development in Business Region Aarhus.