The mayors of the 12 municipalities, the knowledge institutions in Business Region Aarhus, and the business leaders and representatives of the region’s business community and workforce have entered into a formal partnership to fully capitalise on the huge growth potential in East Jutland.

Strategic cooperation

We are open to dialogue and cooperation with all partners who, like us, can see the possibilities for exploiting the growth potential in East Jutland. 

We promote cooperation between our members and create alliances connecting decision-makers, knowledge hubs, businesses, and public institutions. Our projects involve cooperation across municipalities and disciplines, and with new partners. With the help of knowledge institutions, businesses and decision-makers, we have developed and implemented projects within (but not limited to) our positions of strength: Production and Knowledge, IT and Smart Communities, and in the region’s food cluster. 

Why invest in Business Region Aarhus 

Investments in Business Regions Aarhus is a key factor for further development and growth in East Jutland. We serve and support companies, investors and talents to grow and develop in Business Region Aarhus. Learn 5 reasons why Business Region Aarhus is an attractive location for new business adventures: 

  • Numerous global growth companies are already located in Business Region Aarhus  
  • Business Region Aarhus has a well-educated workforce. Business located in Business Region Aarhus are close to higher education and research institutions including Aarhus University, which provide high skilled workforce and research in various disciplines.  
  • There is a general high level of mobility with commuting flows between the municipalities 
  • We have the best track record in Denmark for entrepreneurship and great development environments for startups.